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What is the best bank with a checking account that has “no minimum balance required”?

I need a bank that offers free checking account with no minimum balance. I used to bank with WaMu but their security and service was unsatisfying so i closed my account. Wachovia I might consider but I don’t know if they are trustworthy. Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “What is the best bank with a checking account that has “no minimum balance required”?”

  1. efflandt said :

    WaMu seems to give good direct service from branches that are left, but good luck if you have to deal with their headquarters. In June I accidentally put the wrong date on a check deposited in an ATM for my checking account on a Sunday, and they called me first thing Monday to tell me. That gave me a chance to give them a corrected check.

    But trying to straighten out initial property tax payments from escrow for a double lot in 2002 is too long a story to relate here.

    As long as you pay your bills, it can help to have checking where you have credit card(s) you use the most.

    I have only been with Chase since they bought BankOne, and many of the people at the branches I deal with have been at my local branches under different bank names for 20 years. I switched from interest checking to free checking when my IRA CD expired and I transferred that to a broker, and have no complaints.

    With Chase checking you can pay Chase credit cards online same day before 7 PM, other credit cards within 2 days. WaMu electronic bill pay says to allow 5 days, although, that will likely happen quicker in most cases. I do split direct deposit to both accounts (WaMu to autopay my home loan).

  2. nerdyroberts said :


  3. juergeneberl said :
  4. Bertonian said :

    Navy Federal Credit Union or USAA. I got both.

  5. mobilemark said :

    citibank , Cal national (dependin on your location of course)

  6. ocjc said :

    Try searching on You can search by how much money you have to put in the bank and it’ll return you a list of banks and accounts.

    WAMU does have a nice free checking account with a high interest earning savings account as well. What was so bad about WAMU?

  7. nocleg Ustronie Morskie said :

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