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What Canadian Bank gives the best interest rates on a savings account?

I will give 10 points to the person who is the most thorough and gives me a link to the bank’s interest rate website.

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6 Responses to “What Canadian Bank gives the best interest rates on a savings account?”

  1. bob shark said :

    The major Canadian banks are the same, the names of different savings accounts may be different but the rates are the same.
    You may get better rates through a credit union, or a virtual bank like ING direct

  2. nitebearer said :

    Two that were better were ING direct and ICICI (its indian). Otherwise the big nationals are pretty much the same. probably better at a credit union like Duca. Shop around and see they all have web sites.

  3. Grand pa said :

    We like Presidents Choice Go to Real canadian Suprstore to sign up You can use your card at CIBC but better deals Cah back instead of points on grocerys & gas no fee checking Been with them 3 years no problems

  4. Andy86 said :

    well, i dont know any canadian bank, but you can try some big bank like Citi bank. From my reseach i find they have one of the highest APY and interest rates.

    apy of 4.0% and interest rates of 3.92

  5. Mugwug said :

    I thought CitizensBank out of Vancouver was offering 4.15% on savings accounts, similar to ING but with a better rate (ING is offering 3.65% right now on savings).

    Edited to add: Citizens Bank “Ultimate Savings Account”

    with an interest rate of 4%.

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