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What bank would be best to open a checking account in?

I just got a job at Baskin Robbins, and I’ve been looking into what bank I should open a checking account with. I’ve been leaning towards Wells Fargo since they seem to be reliable. Also, do you need to be a certain age to open an account independent from your parents? I’m 16. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “What bank would be best to open a checking account in?”

  1. jfoust1988 said :

    Find a local credit union. You can join many of them just by living or working in the town they’re in. They often have very competitive rates, are not for profit, and generally much nicer to deal with than the big banks.

  2. Whisper said :


    Open a one from any USBanks in your area. They’re one of the oldest and have been around for a long time. They also have great CS! I have several accounts there, and so does my families.

    No, don’t go to Wells Fargo. I used to work for them, actually that’s when I opened my first Credit Card.
    I just opened another one from them, but everytime I call Customer Service, all they do is try to sell me more products. It’s like getting your cell phone activated, they try to sell products before you even get your phone activated, when you call them.

    Any age can open an account. I had mine at 12 and my children opened one while I was working at WF, when they were 4 & 9 but they have new rules now. I’m sure there should be no prob. the bank WANTS your money! LOL

    I am planning on closing my account at WF.

  3. Antonia Roberts said :

    You Must be 18 to open an account dependent from your parents.

    Chase offers a High School Checking Account

    Here are the details.


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