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What bank should i open a savings account with?

I just turned 18 and want to open a savings account without my parents knowing about it. I have a little over 1k in cash to put in it. I do not really care about earning interest, I just want to be able to withdraw it easily, and deposit cash into it locally I want one without a minimum balance or maintenance fees. I live in WA if this helps. Also any tips on how to open one without my parents seeing mail from the bank would be great! THANKS!

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2 Responses to “What bank should i open a savings account with?”

  1. Fred S said :

    Most banks offer similar services. Deal with whichever one is most convenient. If you want a specific recommendation, use Bank of America. They have the most branches in the country.

  2. Peter B said :

    May I suggest a local credit union?


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