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What is the best bank to open an account at?

I want to either transfer my existing account to another bank or open a new one. I want to open a checking account. I want to know which bank will give me the most benefits as a member.

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5 Responses to “What is the best bank to open an account at?”

  1. Ria said :

    so fat i have been most satisfied with wells fargo

  2. rugga1 said :

    My choice is Key Bank Corp

  3. Sandi said :

    Whatever bank you choose, make sure to read the fine print. ASK QUESTIONS!! Make sure you understand everything from earning interest to overdraft fees and NSF fees. Good Luck!

  4. KLynn said :

    I don;t know a specific company to reccomend, but be sure to check what banks are plentiful in your area…I used to be with bank of america but there was only one with in 50 miles of my home, so that was reallyl inconvenient.

  5. Sean said :

    Wells Fargo has worked wonders for me. Being a big bank allows you to find ATM’s in more places, have more options and their online banking was rated #1 in the world by I used KeyCorp and was disappointed so I stayed with Wells Fargo as my main bank.


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