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What is the best bank for a checking account with no fees and takes security seriously?

I am looking for a free checking account that will not charge fees (except for overdraft charges). I want to be able to keep a low balance of about $100 most of the time and use it to pay many online bills and transfer funds to my online savings accounts without ANY fees.

It is also very important for me to have a bank that takes security very seriously and will refund money due to fraud quickly…
Which banks do you guys suggest?

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4 Responses to “What is the best bank for a checking account with no fees and takes security seriously?”

  1. oliprofessor said :

    try Chase bank, nobody’s massively competitive with them as far as I’m aware.

  2. Natasha W said :

    I don’t know the name of a specific bank, but most have a free checking option. I prefer credit unions. Your work usually has one you can join. Credit unions are great because they usually have your interests in mind, not just profiting for themselves. The also frequently have the best loan rates and don’t usually nickel and dime you all the time. Just ask all these questions before you open your account. You sound pretty smart, I am sure that you will find a safe place to open an account in no time.

  3. StawberryBlonde said :

    WaMu, it’s great. It has free checking and no fees except for overdraft and I believe you get one free overdraft a year. They are great about security and customer service. Check them out.

  4. Ash22 said :

    In my opinion and personal experience, credit unions are always better than banks. In the business I work in, I deal with a lot of banks, and I have personally had them tell me they encourage overdraft fees, because that is how they make their money. They will personally run checks and transactions BEFORE running your desits thru so that they can charge you the fee. Credit unions actually are designed to help you save money. As far as paying bills online, you can always get a prepaid debit card. I have 1 and its GREAT!! It does all the thngs a bank account does, but there are no overdraft fees. I have my paycheck direct deposited onto my prepaid visa and I pay my bills online and over the phone. I also have it set up to get text msgs sent to my phone anytime the card is used. I tells you where, how much was spent, and how much is left all for FREE. Your funds are FDIC insured, just like with banks. That means if the card is lost or stolen, visa automatically deactivates the card, sends you another one, and transfers your balance to the new card. The best card company to go thru is Netspend Visa and is available at any Advance America Cash Advance Center.


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