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What is the best bank for a first time user to get a checking account?

I am 17 and I just graduated and I am looking for a bank to open a checking account. I heard susquehanna, F&M and Patriot federal credit union are the best. Whats your opinion? Also do I have to be 18 to use a debit or credit card? And is there anyway for me to build my credit?

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2 Responses to “What is the best bank for a first time user to get a checking account?”

  1. David F said :

    No fee daily banking is available at:

    Building credit is like digging a hole. The deeper it is, the more there is to lose if you fall in. Try building your assets instead.

  2. Judy said :

    New more strict guidlines in checking accounts now.
    You must be 18.
    Where do your parents bank at?
    Open a custodial account in your name at their bank.
    They will have to go with you.
    You will get a debit card with your name on it in the mail in about a week – with your pin a day or two later.

    At 17 YOU SHOULD have a checking account.
    This is a must – drop everything and get one today.

    If you use the same bank you do, they can transfer money right into your account if you get in a bind. Make sure the ATM machines are convenient to you.
    Important: Ask to opt-out of overdraft charges when you use your debit card.


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