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What bank is the best choice for a college student?

I want to open my first student checking account and I obviously have many different choices. Bank of America and TD Bank seem to have pretty good deals but I honestly don’t know much about them. Is there any bank in particular that would be the best for a college kid?

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2 Responses to “What bank is the best choice for a college student?”

  1. Benjamin Franklin said :

    I’ve had a student checking account with Bank of America since high school. They haven’t given me many problems, so I would recommend them. There aren’t any monthly maintenance fees and there are a lot of BoA ATM’s, plus they have an easy to use online banking system.

  2. John Kaatz- Kaatz Financial said :

    I recommend opening your account with one of the smaller, local banks. This allows you to create a personal relationship with the bankers that will help when getting loans or advice in the future.


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