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What is the best bank to go with in northern california?

I don’t have much money? I put most of my money in 401K (about 25%) After everything I left with little spending money.

I want to know what is the best checking bank to go with?

I had open account with well fargo before. I hated that bank because of lots of overdraft fees. They would take over 7 days clear debit . If I made a mistake they would charge me lots of od fees and plus a $5 a day fee for od. Basically always 100+ fees.

I just switch to bofa last year. Now I hating them too. I recent had about 350 dollars left on my account. I went to the movies for about 14 bucks and withdrawl 20 bucks. That was on July 12, and 13 thursday and friday. I didn’t clear until monday. I had call to cancel a payment of 400 bucks they Electronic debit anyway. So, I was charged with 3 od instead of 1 bc they debit high to low.

Basically which banks do you know in norcal doesn’t debit high to low but on the day it was spend.

To many bank pratice that to collect more fees.

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3 Responses to “What is the best bank to go with in northern california?”

  1. c q said :

    B of A, easiest access to your money and low fees. More ATM’s then any other bank in California!

    It does take time to post checks, and card transactions. So I do recommend keeping extra cash in any account at least $200.00 for a cushion. If that seem to be an issue try getting a prepaid visa card you fill it, you use it. If you don’t have money in the card cant use it, and NO fees cause it prepaid, that cool for teens and young adults. I do it for my kid, I re-charge the card (put money in) they charge the card (purchase). And they charge no fees for the use. You can pick them up at Walmart or any convenience store. Good luck.

  2. Steve L said :

    I think all banks work that way. You probably want to link a credit card to your account for overdraft protection. Maybe look into a credit union. Some credit unions will pay you back for other bank’s ATM fees. If you are in the military or have a parent or grand parent in the military, you can join USAA. They don’t have local branches, but you can do online deposits and get reimbursed for other banks ATM fees.

  3. trinitydreams2001 said :

    Washington mutual bank to me is the best bank to go with in norcal.


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