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What is a good bank to open a checking and savings account?

Currently I’m using Washington mutual. But as we all know, they are going down fast. What bank should I look into? I don’t have much money, so I can’t open an account that requires a couple of thousands of dollars.

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4 Responses to “What is a good bank to open a checking and savings account?”

  1. Dave S said :

    I love my chase account. Free checking, free online bill pay, no minimum balance.

  2. Cristina M said :

    Try a credit union. When banks are having problems, credit unions are thriving! 🙂 The service is much better too.

  3. debijs said :

    ~~I think WaMu will come out fine, but to answer your question, I love Bank of America. You have online account management which makes moving money between your accounts so simple. Free online banking. The have ATM’s and branches everywhere you go. It’s a very simple, headache free bank to do business with.~~

  4. justine_fina4242 said :

    I suggest looking into Wells Fargo. They are very easy to bank with and you don’t need thousands of dollars to start an account and they are located all over the nation. However, I think you should pick a bank that is convenient for you, such as located near where you live. Then you should consider which bank you are most comfortable with and you can only do that by checking out the bank yourself.


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