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What is the best bank to have a savings account at?

I live in Pennsylvania and I want to know which banks have the highest interest rate on savings? For example I heard someone talking about a money market account and they said if your trying to save money that is the best way to go. If you work in a bank or have prior experience of this that would really help.

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3 Responses to “What is the best bank to have a savings account at?”

  1. dvskv said :

    I like credit unions and FYI money market savings accounts do have higher interest rates but the laws limit how many monthly transactions (3-6) as well as ATM withdrawals (maybe 5) and there are $10 fees for each transaction exceeding limit.

    Also majority of credit unions are local and thus do not have as many branch offices as major banks like BANK OF AMERICA, WELLS FARGO etc.

    Hope the Above Info Helps!

  2. drtried said :

    It’s all about the rate – if you can stand to be without the money for 6 months or longer, a CD will give you the best rate. If not, a money market account is usually the best option, but nowadays you can find basic savings accounts with rates just as good or better than money market accounts (some are one in the same as well).

    Go here and plug in your info:

  3. 8674309 said :

    Take a look at
    i saw that their savings pay 8x national average.


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