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How to pay for a speeding ticket with no bank account?

I cannot pay via credit or debit card as I don’t have any, and I do not have a bank account, so I can’t pay by cheque. I have the money in cash but surely you can’t post cash?

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16 Responses to “How to pay for a speeding ticket with no bank account?”

  1. ideas said :

    Money order?

  2. Wendy said :

    A postal order

  3. ElDub said :

    just about any drug store, grocery store or convenience store sells money orders

  4. Ringading said :

    Ask if they accept Money Order from the Post Office.

  5. Lynne D said :

    Prepaid credit card get it at Walmart

  6. D said :

    Yes you can pay in cash.
    At least in America, most small county courts have a clerk’s office where you can go to pay off your fine. Just make sure the clerk gives you a receipt.

  7. GeehnaH said :

    you can also go to the citys court and pay in person or do it in monthly payments

  8. saad said :

    dont post cash that makes it look like your r bribing someone.
    Why were you even driving when you dont have a bank account. my guess is that u r under aged.
    the first thing i did, when i got my ID was, build my own bank account.
    But thats how it works in my country, maybe posting cash is allowed in america or where ever your are from.

  9. "isitme" said :

    You can go to the central ticket office for your area, they are normally housed within the Magistrates Courts. It should say where on the back of the ticket.

  10. knownout said :

    Postal order perhaps ,

  11. Joe said :

    Go to the city/county court house and pay the fee there. Also, I am pretty sure you can go to any bank and get a cashier’s check (for a fee) or money order.

  12. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    There is a number on the ticket that you can phone though this might be an automated system just to take your credit card details. Find the number on the ticket and give that a call and ask them – each area might have different procedures. If you can’t find a suitable number in the ticket then try phoning the magistrates court where the ticket was issued (an internet search should give you the number – try Yell) and talk to them.

    Chances are you can pay in cash into their bank account quoting a reference number.

  13. Joe said :

    Fuck them, speeding is good. want to buy kebab? good runner only done 3 meters, might want a oil cooking change. YOU WANT THE BACONS SIIIIIIK MOHAMMED BOOOOM. WANT TO GET GAPED IN THE EAR? DOM FROM WALLINGTON WANTS TO KNOW. SSIIIIIIIIIIIIKKK

  14. LolWtf said :

    I’m not in the UK, but here if you have a ticket you can go to either the judge’s office or the clerk of courts and pay cash.

    Otherwise, just get yourself a money order.

  15. Steve said :

    If you plan on paying it anyways, go open a F’n bank account ,put the money in there + like $5 extra or whatever there Min. balance is to keep the account open & get a debit card the same day. It takes about a week to get the card in the mail sometimes, but you can use a temp card or # they give you you could prob. set up payments anyways & i’m sure most of them take Visa/Mastercard/Debit @ the clerk of courts.When you have a Visa/Mastercard/debit also you can run the transaction as a Credit instead of debit as an option just about anywhere, so you don’t have to give up your PIN # for X-tra security.
    Man, its not that difficult, don’t be lazy just go do it for gods sakes, you should have a bank account with some cash in it anyways. It takes like maybe 5-10 mins. to open a bank account with minimal info, then you will feel more like a real grown up. you probably can do it with just a license or state I.D. card & or maybe a Social Security card, or if your a minor, go with a parent & take your birth certificate.

  16. L said :

    Either send a postal order, although this will cost you extra, or take the money, together with the relevant paperwork along to your local magistrates court. They have a fines office and should accept payment.
    Make sure you get a receipt.


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