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What’s the best way to get cash from my Scottish bank account, whilst on holiday in Australia?

I have run out of cash whilst on Holiday in Australia. I have cash in my Scottish Bank account (bank of Scotland). What is the best way to get access to this money.

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7 Responses to “What’s the best way to get cash from my Scottish bank account, whilst on holiday in Australia?”

  1. TonyB said :

    Just go to an ATM.

    If your card has a label like “Cirrus” or “Maestro” then most machines here in AUstralia will accept it.

  2. peanutz said :

    Use your ATM card. Hopefully it is international so you can withdraw your funds directly.

  3. twokay75 said :

    Find a cash machine that is on the same network as your bank (ie: Cirrus, etc.). You should be able to withdraw cash from it.

  4. iansand9876 said :

    Do you have an ATM card? Or a Visa or Mastercard?

    You can use the ATM card in most Australian ATMs if your bank is part of the international Cirrus system (most are). I withdrew cash from my Australian account in Canada a few months ago.

    Alternatively, if you can find a secure computer for interney banking you should be able to transfer funds into you credit card account and withdraw cash that way.

    If all else fails, ring your bank in Scotland. They will be able to transfer cash somewhere that you can collect it.

  5. Boycott World Cup Sponsors said :

    Cashline of yuo are the RBS

  6. Isaac said :

    The ATM. If you don’t have a card you can able to order Traveller’s Checks from your bank at the following link:

  7. grasshoppers_revenge said :

    if you have visa or mastercard on your bank card, use an ATM, otherwise go to any bank and theu should be able to advise you.


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