What is the best option for a bank account for me?

I’m 14 and just want to put my money that I earn from a paper round into a bank account to earn interest coz I’m saving up for something, as much interest as possible on it.

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  1. boshnpecs said:

    There’s a good website for this; Motley Fool

  2. limpit said:

    the best interest rates are the ISAs,

    unless you have large sums of £ then you arent gonna get much interest from a regular bank.
    unless your paper round pays well?

    do you have many banks locally?

  3. Gavi Di Gavi said:

    Hi if you can save between 10 – 250 a month then you can earn 8% with HSBC savings account. (12% with Allience and Leicester – but you need to credit the account with 500 quid a month) As a younger person Nationwide Building society offer a young persons savings account – which you can get tax relief on (i.e you will not have to pay tax on your savings) Try the followng web site for more information. http://www.moneysupermarket.com there you can compare different savings rates and the terms and conditions of each account (things like instant access etc)

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