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How can I get the coins from my piggy bank counted and the money transferred onto my account?

I have a piggy bank, which gets filled with coins from my pocket nearly every day. So in the meantime I collected quite an amount of coins, but now have no idea where to get them counted and transferred into my bank account. My local branch (NatWest) already turned me down…

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8 Responses to “How can I get the coins from my piggy bank counted and the money transferred onto my account?”

  1. dreamaker1292 said :

    in all scotts and most grosery stores there is a machine that counts the change and gives yopu a eciet to take to services you get the money and put it in your account at the bank

  2. puggylover said :

    Count them yourself and roll them or a bank won’t take them.


    Take it to coin star and pay the 2% or whatever the price is now.

  3. Barkley Hound said :

    Some market now have coin counting machines that take a percentage and give you a receipt. You then take the receipt to a checkstand for the cash.

    Some banks will take it if you have an account there. You must roll the coins with wrappers and put your account number on each roll.

  4. lumoruk said :

    Either waste money buying a coin counter or count them your self put them in money bags then take them to the bank you lazy s%t

  5. beccap said :

    Their is a money counting machine at most Asda stores. Thats where i get my coins cashed up.

  6. cheekbones3 said :

    Just get money bags from the bank and count the money yourself, then just pay it in like you would any cash. It takes a bit of time (and effort to carry it), but it’s simple and free. I’ve cashed in hundreds of pounds this way over the years.

  7. mandymemore said :

    Some casino’s, banks and even convenient stores now have a machine that allow you to just dump al the coins into it and it will count it for you and either issue cash or a ticket that you take to the counter to cash in. Then you can just deposit the cash in to your account.

  8. Dan the Man said :

    take it to be exchanged £10 at a time untill it finally is all in cash and then take it to the bank and get it transferd


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