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What is the best bank to do bussines with ?

I am in US marine corps and have been banking with Navy Federal Credit Union, how ever I am about to finish my contract and unfortunatly navyfed dose not have any branches next to my house. So i need to chose another bank. I am thinking may be USAA becouse they are online and mail only. Or should I use something like Bank of America or Wells Fargo. Or do they reap you off ? I live in California btw, and only need bank for checking account I plan to keep my emergency found with vanguard money market account.
Any suggestions will help, Thank you.

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2 Responses to “What is the best bank to do bussines with ?”

  1. Pyrate said :

    I would suggest that you look for another Credit Union in your area.

    Try the Credit Union locater below.

  2. intensefirejr said :

    Not-for-profit credit unions are the best financial institution around. You can set up direct deposit, and many of them belong to a network so you can use other ATMs at no cost. Branches are no big deal. Bank online with your credit union instead. It’s safe, fast, and convenient. I agree with the other respondent that provided the link to a credit union locator. Talk with Navy Fed, too, since you already have a relationship there. Why mess up a good thing? They have tons of branches. Credit unions are not the profit-mongers that banks are. You’ll find lower fees and better rates at a credit union.


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