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What kind of account and at which bank should I put the money I want to save?

I’m in college and have a part time job. I’ve decided that I want to open some kind of account from which I can not take money out of for a certain period of time but still be able to put money in whenever I want. What kind of bank account should I open and at which bank?

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3 Responses to “What kind of account and at which bank should I put the money I want to save?”

  1. Andrea said :

    That is not a typical type of account you are looking for. That’s not to say that it does not exist but it’s something you’d have to call around to banks in your area to see if they offer something like that.

    If you are unable to locate that type of account, the best you can do is open a savings account but do not get an ATM card. Then you’d have to go to the bank while it is open to take money out. You could do that and choose a bank that is far from you (not convenient). Depending on how much money you have to put in the bank, you could take part of the money and put it in a CD as those do not allow withdrawals (most CDs do not allow deposits after the initial deposit though).

    Good luck.

  2. debijs said :

    ~~Most savings plans allow a few withdrawals a month without penalty. So you could go with that. To choose a bank, look at ones most convenient to where you live, then compare their interest rates on savings. Also be sure they do not charge you a monthly maintenance or if they do it’s only if it falls below a certain amount. You can do most of the comparison on line thru their websites.~~

  3. Yoshi said :

    chase bank is the best go there no fees


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