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What is the best bank account for a not for profit organisation?

Is there such thing as free banking for a not for profit? We are not a charity, just not for profit, and looking for the best bank account in terms of low (or no) fees. Some do a year’s free banking but we cannot find any that do completely free banking – does this exist? We were originally tempted by the co-op’s ethical policies but they aren’t so ethical when it comes to allowing Christian groups to speak about what they believe, so that put us off, even though we are not a Christian group. Any advice most appreciated!

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3 Responses to “What is the best bank account for a not for profit organisation?”

  1. Peter M said :

    If you want ethical try the Co-Op Bank, a decent rate of interest try Alliance and Leicester.

  2. gvih2g2 said :

    Most banks do a “Treasurer’s Account” for clubs & societies which is free – ask in your local branch, or check the comparison tables at the link below

  3. mktg_consultant said :

    Abbey National have a business account which includes almost every service for free, forever.


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