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What is the best bank i can swap my account from Bank of Scotland over to, to avoid unfair monthly charges ?

I am being charged £31pm ( plus interest ) just for having an overdraft account. My overdraft is for £450, obviously i cannot afford to pay this off as my wages are rubbish. I think this is totally unfair as they have me by the balls, so was wondering if there was anyone else in a similar situation and what bank ( British ) i can swap to that won’t hit me with extortionate charges every month.

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4 Responses to “What is the best bank i can swap my account from Bank of Scotland over to, to avoid unfair monthly charges ?”

  1. wiggle87 said :

    i know you dont want bank of scotland but have you tried their ultimate reward account, you pay 12.50 a month and have an overdraft up to 750.00 available roughly but if you stay below the 300.00 into the overdraft you dont get charged a penny, also if you pay in over a grand a month they credit your account with a fiver might be worth looking into

  2. IKnowYou said :

    Bank of Scotland offers an account called the ‘extra reward current account’. I have this account at the moment and it costs me £12.50 a month. You can have a free overdraft upto £300 where you don’t pay any £1 fee’s for being in your overdraft, but if its over £300 you will be paying £1 a day that you use your overdraft just like you are now. If you try to keep abit of money aside from your wages over the next month, you can change your account to the extra reward and lower your overdraft to £300. With the extra reward account you also get mobile phone insurance, annual travel insurance and £5 a month from them just to say thanks for paying for your bank account. Remember if you change your bank account, you will have to pay back bank of scotland your £450 overdraft before another bank will let you open an account with them. Your best bet is the extra reward account. Also sign up for online banking and you can keep on top of your money from home, open a savings account for free and transfer money to different accounts without having to leave your house

  3. WelshLad said :

    Be careful as others may follow suit.

  4. Jeslyn said :

    At last! Someone who uendrsatdns! Thanks for posting!


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