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What happens when someone tries to pay your wages into a bank account which is closed?

I closed my bank account about a month ago. I just got my payslip from the agency I work for and it is dated that they ‘paid in’ my wages to the closed account on the 22nd. What would happen? Would the bank send me a cheque or try and contact me to tell me?

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8 Responses to “What happens when someone tries to pay your wages into a bank account which is closed?”

  1. Tommy said :

    Bank should notice the agency and cancel the direct-deposit .

  2. MavistheMaven said :

    Not sure how things work in the UK, but in the US, it automatically reopens the bank account. The bank usually just sends a routine monthly statement showing the transaction.

  3. mary k said :

    The check must have bounced back to company who drew it up.

  4. tarakia said :

    it will be returned to your employer or it will be held in a holding account at your old bank

  5. Maxi Robespierre ii said :

    It gets sent back to them

  6. Peter W said :

    It’s very likely your employer transfers payments via BACS system to your bank; any incorrect or closed accounts do not accept money and it is credited back to the employers account; Talk to the accountants section at your employer, the money should be sat in their account.

  7. vicki_milne said :

    If paid by BACS the bank credit the paying company after 10 days. This payment may be by cheque.

    The other option is that the money is in a holding account with your bank.

    Contact the bank and the company you work for and you should get your answer.

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