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Is there a way to get money into my bank account from a different bank?

I am going on a three week trip to Pennsylvania, where my local bank from West Michigan is not present. I will get money when I get there, which needs to go into my account, but there are no Huntington National Bank ATMs or branches out there. Can I use a different bank’s ATM with my Huntington ATM card and make a deposit? I know there would probably be charges involved, but I need the money in there for bills! Please help – any other ideas are appreciated as well!

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9 Responses to “Is there a way to get money into my bank account from a different bank?”

  1. tinyavenger said :

    You can always do a bank wire transfer.

  2. mamarat said :

    Do a wire transfer. You usually can’t deposit money into an ATM at another bank.

  3. Chuck P said :

    Yes, you can use their ATM although they may charge a dollar or two. You can carry travelers checks also. If you need to transfer money you can have your bank wire some money to a new account in the bank where you are going.

  4. rhsaunders said :

    An ATM will probably work fine. I would check with the owning bank to see how the credit would be handled. If all else fails, snail mail will work; just mail a deposit to your favorite bank.

  5. HAHAHAHA said :

    I would think any ATM that will do deposits should be able to. It’s like going to a different banks ATM to take out money. You will just get charged by their bank and your bank for the transaction. You would just follow the ATM’s instructions on deposting money.

  6. Madmunk said :

    If the money you get is cash, then u can buy a convenience store money order and send it with a deposit slip to your bank in Michigan. If you get your money in the form of a check , just endorse it and send it with the deposit slip. Both of those are lo cost. If you have a friend with an account in Penn, then you can just give them the check you receive and have him/her wire the amount to your Mich bank. A bit higher cost.

  7. ed m said :

    to be on the sure side and to ease your mind now — just do a wire transfer from any back in pa!!!

  8. KitKat said :

    As long as both banks are on the same ATM network you can get money

  9. Sheena Derbacher said :

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