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How can I pay money into my bank when it is closed?

I have a direct debit coming out tomorrow (sunday) and need to pay in some money for it, but all my banks are closed (I’m with Llyods TSB). How can I pay the money in? Can I do it over the phone by transfering money from one card to another, or does this cost money?

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3 Responses to “How can I pay money into my bank when it is closed?”

  1. Rainbow said :

    You can probably do this over the phone as a transfer between accounts. Why not ring Lloyds TSB and ask, or have a look on their website.

  2. David M said :

    Deposit money into one of your bank’s ATMs or if your bank offers electronic banking, deposit it that way. Although that may take a couple of days to set up with another financial institution.

    A longer term solution is to deposit at least part of your emergency fund (6 months of expenses) into this account so if another situation like this ever occurs it gets absorbed by that emergency fund. After which you can replenish it in a much less rushed atmosphere. Good luck.

  3. MICHELLE M said :

    i work for a different bank, if lloyds use the same rules as us then so long as you pay in before 2.30pm on monday they should be able to pay the direct debit & stop any charges. speak to someone at the bank if you go in on monday tho to make sure it will be ok.
    alternaatively can you do a transfer with online banking? the transfer will go into your account on monday morning. other than these suggestions the direct debit will be returned & you will get a bank charge.
    if direct debits are due out over a weekend the funds should be in your account on the friday.


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