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How do I pay money into my Halifax bank account?

I have a websaver account, so don’t have a paying in book.

Can I pay money in using a slip available at a branch?

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7 Responses to “How do I pay money into my Halifax bank account?”

  1. Morph said :

    go into branch with websaver account number

  2. wat said :

    If the account is with a established bank that actual has branches, you can deposit at any branch in the country as long as you know the account number and they ahve access to it.

  3. dels replies said :

    Probably. I would imagine the bulk of your credits go in electronically, but there must be a way to get chequws etc. credited to your account.

  4. Dad's found yer scoo'er said :

    Of course you can providing you know your account details. I’ve a mate who works behind the couner at Halifax and they have far more difficult problems than that.

  5. Scobill said :

    If it is a size able amount of cash then you may be asked to explain where you got it from (checks for fraud !!) but otherwise any branch will be happy to take your money off you !!

  6. foxyfaerieinstockings said :

    It’s a WEB saver, so use your internet banking account and transfer the money.

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