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What happens if a bank mistakenly pays money into an account?

A transfers money from his account to B’s account (another bank), A does this via his bank, his bank mistakenly takes sum of money twice from his account. A speaks to his account and they refund the money to him as well as compensation for the mistake. In the meanwhile B has received 2 payments from A. A is now asking for sum of money from B even though he has received money back from bank. What are the legal implications for B?

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3 Responses to “What happens if a bank mistakenly pays money into an account?”

  1. v b said :

    A has been repaid, he has no standing.
    The BANK can debit the account due the mistake and can sue B if they are not repaid.

  2. src50 said :

    Forget the A-B crap. If the bank made a mistaken deposit, it will be discovered and withdrawn without notice.

  3. ang l said :

    b has to pay back the money. he knew it was a mistake. he could be arrested for fraud and so could you.good luck


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