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What are your rights if someone clones your debit card and your bank wont pay?

My partners debit card was cloned and used to set up a fake paypal account. How do they do this as I thought paypal was safe? The bank is now saying they will not pay out for this £200 transaction but he will need to dispute it. Has anyone had a similar problem and does my partner have any rights? Any advice would be great!

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3 Responses to “What are your rights if someone clones your debit card and your bank wont pay?”

  1. denise said :

    you tellthe bank you will take a complaint out agasint them or threatin to go to small claims court should get them to give the money back banks are meant to notice when there is irrgular activity on your account most contact you to say somethings went through that isnt usual for you have you contact paypal to see if they will issue the money back im with abbey and work for a bank and 300 was tookout of my account within three days of threating court they paid me my money back

  2. Waldo Folta said :

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  3. Jo Jungwirth said :

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