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What bank has the checking account that puts the extra change into a savings account?

I have heared a commercial for a bank that has a checking account, that when you purchase something with your debit card it will round all of your purchases up to the nearest dollar and automaticly deposit the difference into a savings account.


I buy a pack of gum for $1.25
It rounds that up to $2.00
And deposits $0.75
into a savings account

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5 Responses to “What bank has the checking account that puts the extra change into a savings account?”

  1. lasttruediva said :

    Bank of America, I have one
    Its called the ‘Keep the Change’ Savings

  2. cutenspecial1 said :

    Bank of America, and Wachovia’s Way to Save deposits 1.00 for every purchase.

  3. Lil Cobra said :

    I think you can set that up with any bank.

  4. jon b said :

    The program you mentioned is from Bank Of America. Another answered noted a similar program with Wachovia – each purchase, Wachovia will move a whole dollar from checking to savings. With the Wachovia program you actually save faster (if that’s your goal).

    Example: Purchases Today: 4.81, 6.04, 5.50

    BOA Program= 19 cents, 96 cents, 50 cents
    Wachovia Program: $1,00, $1.00, $1.00

    Also, the Wachovia account it paying 5% interest, with a 5% bonus on the one year anniversary of the account.

  5. Luke 6:37 said :

    I can just smell the money for Wachovia. People forgetting about the dollar and overdrawing their account, getting hit with those massive overdraft fees. “Show me the money”! They are really slick.

    Also don’t count on 5% APY because it will keep going down after you open it. I opened one at an online bank and since the Feds keep lowering interest rates the APY lowers with it.


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