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How old do you have to be to have a credit card in the UK?

Most of my friends (who are 16) have a kind of like credit card they have money in the card and use it in shops.
I am 15. What is this card called and how can i get one?
Also, can you order stuff off the internet with this card?

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4 Responses to “How old do you have to be to have a credit card in the UK?”

  1. Nikita said :

    I do believe it is a maestro card.
    You can use this in shops and the money comes straight out of your bank account

  2. Pamelowa said :

    it’s a debet card :p and you can get one any time u want. you just need your parents permission. im 15 now and i got mine a year ago so yeah. 🙂 good luck with getting yours 😛

  3. Jack Sparrow said :

    i think 21 YO
    grow up…
    not just kid anymoore..
    sorry i’m not think teenager is child..
    but mostly teenager just consumer.. so they just buy.. use.. buy.. and use..
    haven’t think more.

    when you’re 20 you can think that you need to manage the money.
    some people think that credit card is a monster..
    because they never finish with their credit.

    hope can help y

  4. starlight said :

    they will have a debit card, you cannot have a credit card until your 18.
    With a debit card you need to have money in the account before you can spend it.


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