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Which is the best credit card to get these days?

I’ve started a new job and been told to use my own credit card for expenses. I want to keep it seperate from my own stuff. Where to start looking for the best?

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14 Responses to “Which is the best credit card to get these days?”

  1. ciaran91 said :

    money !!! u choose

  2. Miss Mocha Latte said :

    I like my Citi Card. Bank of America is also good.

  3. Candice said :

    if you can’t afford it right then, don’t waste time with credit cards.

    unless you are responsible and only use it for emergencies, then getting one wouldn’t hurt.

    capital one

  4. Adrenaline Rush™ said :

    The best credit card is one that you can afford to pay back.

  5. Foxtrot said :

    British Telecom BT

  6. Lighthearted said :

    I would say use one that gives you cash back. I use my Wells Fargo Mastercard for most of my purchased and get about $60 cash back per month, as it pays 1% cash back with great service. That helps

  7. P J said :

    If you already have a card with one of the “GOOD CREDIT” places just call and ask them if they will issue you card number 2.

  8. inthedark said :

    If you have a bit of cash in hand then don’t get a debit card instead

  9. moviegoer_j said :

    If I were you, I’d get the rewards card that paid me the most for the kind of business expenses I’d be funneling through the card (e.g. restaurants, travel, gas, etc.).

    To quickly figure out which credit card will pay you the most for your expected expense profile, you can use this rewards calculator:

    That calculator converts all reward currencies (points, miles, cash) to dollars so you can do an apples-to-apples comparison.

    A couple of the cards you’ll probably be interested in include the BP Rewards Visa (for its 2% back on travel expenses) and the Citi Professional card (for its 3% at restaurants and vehicle rentals). That creditcardtuneup calculator can also figure out the best combination of cards for your expected expense profile. So you can easily see if using the best combination of 2 cards will net you a lot more rewards than just using the single best card.

  10. david a said :

    you might want to go here to compare them, pick one that is right for u

  11. pollywallydoodle said :


  12. Me said :

    The best card in my opinion is Citi Bank, their interest rates are good and they do have very good transfer balances rates for example 5.9% over the life of the outstanding balance

  13. Bell said :

    you’ll have to look online to find the most competitive rates but i think they’re all roughly the same.. with your new job..will you get reimbursed for your expenses and why can’t you use your debit card, why a credit card?

  14. rog_random said :

    I’ve found this one that looks pretty good.


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