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How long does a company have to take money from my account for goods delivered?

I ordered a cotbed matress and bedding set from a well known company online on the 3/4/07. All the items were delivered on the 20/4/07 but the money has not been billed from my credit card for the cotbed.
I have had to cancel my credit card account for a separate reason but have kept hold of the money to pay for it should the company contact me. The cotbed order was fulfilled direct from the supplier and on my order details it says processing in warehouse. I signed for the item when it was delivered but have heard nothing since.
I was just wondering how long they have got to claim the money from me?

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4 Responses to “How long does a company have to take money from my account for goods delivered?”

  1. ascoile said :

    You want to be careful here.

    A common method of fraud is to do what you have done and companies are wise to this (not suggesting you are fraudulent)

    When they get rejected by the credit card company they will probably go straight to a court or credit collection agent, this will involve you in extra cost and could affect your credit rating.

    My advice is for you to take the initiative and go to the company and explain.


  2. Azaadi said :

    That’s odd. Usually if you order online with a credit card, your card will be charged within a few days. If you are honest, you can contact the company’s customer service department and ask if your payment has processed correctly. Otherwise you can take your chances and see if your payment goes into collections (will impact your credit history). There are no set rules on how long a company has to make payment claims on goods delivered. However, in some places a company usually has only up to 90 days to claim payment unless there are special circumstances.

    Just do the right thing and find out what’s going on.

  3. aqua_dunce123 said :

    I had a similar experience with a company I placed an order with. It took 3-4 months for me.They will claim the money so hold on! You could try contacting the company to see if it is showing on their records as unpaid. (If they say it was paid, still hold on to the $$ as they will most likely discover their accounting error-as it did in my case)
    Remember, nothing is free!! They will come after the cash>

  4. MOTOGUZZIMAN said :

    Can I add another question ? If you tell the company to collect payment, and after 6 months they still have not, are you then allowed to cancel the debit or payment and keep the item ?


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