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What bank is good to apply my credit card?

I’m thinking about credit card but I don’t know what bank is good to apply.

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6 Responses to “What bank is good to apply my credit card?”

  1. starbucksjunky246 said :

    try credit unions , they usually have better rates ….. i personaly have wescom & chase

  2. amorde said :

    I would stay with one of the bigger banks, such as Citi, Bank of America, or Chase. You will likely receive better service and support.

    If your credit is good, I would recommend the Citi Dividend Mastercard. This cards issues cash back for every dollar you spend, so it’s like free money.

  3. MauriceChavez said :

    None. There are no good banks! Every advantage is theirs. You just have to live with it. Another answerer mentioned credit unions – that would be your best bet since they give some advantages back to the clients.
    Good luck – you have the right idea!

  4. Xue Hua said :

    I think you should first get a Visa or Mastercard because they are accepted everywhere. Therefore a lot more useful.

    Then the next step is to determine if you can pay your credit card bill on time, every time. If you are confident you can control yourself and so forth. Then you should look into which credit card gives you the best benefit. [I.e. Chase gives $50 after your first purchase.] Also most credit cards now give you points or cash back. See what you are interested in.

    If you feel you might miss credit card payment, find one that has relatively low APR. This will ensure you don’t pay a lot if you are late. If you don’t already have one, start with a Check card. This is like a debt but without a need to put in a pin # every time. But it is based on your checking account.

  5. liwen_bonita said :

    Since it is your first credit card, I would suggest a Visa or Matercard with a long standing bank. CitiBank has good interest rate and good customer services. Try to apply with them, then maybe Chase Manhattan. But start with one first….

  6. honeypepper said :

    Chase bank has many good credit card offers that you can choose from. The most popular is the Chase Platinum or Chase freedom cash credit card. You can apply for one online.


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