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How does a money order work in terms of eBay?

I don’t have a credit card so I guess my best bet would be to use a money order as payment if I decide to bid on and win an item if that method of payment is accepted. But, how do you go about doing a money order? I’ve never done such a thing in my life.

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One Response to “How does a money order work in terms of eBay?”

  1. Kaopadgai said :

    1. Go to your bank
    2. Ask to buy a money order for whatever amount is needed.
    3. You’ll be charged a small fee (about 3-5 bucks)
    4. You’ll receive a money order (looks like a cheque)
    5. Sign your name on money order
    6. Put top copy in an envelope (keep bottom for yourself)
    7. Print your name, shipping address, email address, item number on piece of paper, put in envelope with money order.
    8 Mail to seller.
    9. Wait for delivery of your item.


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