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Can I claim a refund from my credit card for a short holiday I had to cancel?

I paid for holiday on credit card in November but due to illness could not go. The travel agent has said we would only be entitled 45% of money paid. Would credit card pay full amount?

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5 Responses to “Can I claim a refund from my credit card for a short holiday I had to cancel?”

  1. Tim said :

    It depends on a number of factors. Some credit cards have automatic trip insurance, etc.

    Try it and see what happens.

  2. SmartA$$ said :

    If your credit card offers automatic trip insurance, then you can contact the company or bank that issued the card and file a claim on that insurance.

    If you don’t have travel insurance, then you are out of luck. The card will only refund the money if the charge was fraudulent or unauthorized by you. I’m sure that somewhere in the fine print of the paperwork you signed with the travel agency it said what the refund policy was. Since you signed and agreed to this policy, the charge is not fraudulent and therefore the credit card company does not have any obligation to remove it from your account.

  3. andy said :

    You will not get a refund for the other 55% if that is what you are asking. Once the holiday was charged to your credit card any money that is not refunded is lost.

  4. Lily B Talus said :

    no, you need to claim on your holiday insurance for this.

  5. Andy E said :

    If the credit card has automatic travel insurance then perhaps. Otherwise they would not refund the money simply because you were unable to go.


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