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Can I charge my credit card company interest on money owed to me?

I have made an overpayment on my credit card. The company has decided to close my account because I defaulted twice last year on minimum payments. I have paid the balance in full and am now in credit by a few pounds. I asked them over a week ago to give me my excess back but they haven’t.

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7 Responses to “Can I charge my credit card company interest on money owed to me?”

  1. deadloud said :

    Actually there’s nothing stopping you. But you will have a fight on your hands … these people are professional thieves.

  2. knownout said :

    Doubt if they will . Might have a job getting the overpayment back too . account is closed so the money doesn’t show in the books ,

  3. Sweet Cat said :


  4. Sugar S said :

    You were the one who broke the contact twice – so in their eyes good faith has gone out the window – no you can’t charge them interest – waste of time and energy trying – you will get your money back but first there is the paperwork and they will be in no great rush as the account is now closed….

    One glimmer of hope might be if you left it for 20-30yrs and they have to transfer the money to another account which will accrue interest you will just have to prove that it is rightfully yours – This has happened quite recently to a friend of mines old uncle with a forgotten bank account

  5. wg0z said :

    they will eventually send you a check for your credit balance.

  6. Fairfax said :

    No, you can’t.
    Why did you default twice?
    If you paid the account “in full”, how come it’s in credit?
    Give them a break! A week isn’t very long, it could take up to a month for a credit balance to be refunded.
    I’ll bet they’re glad to seee the back of you!

  7. roderick_young said :

    A credit card generally gives you at least 20 days grace period to pay, and won’t charge you interest if you pay by that time. If you defaulted twice in a row, that’s perhaps 50 days before they saw any money from you. I’d say morally, you should wait at least that long before expecting anything from them. If they have not sent your money after that period, in the US, we have small claims court – perhaps there is something similar where you are.


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