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how can i buy something online without a credit card?

i don’t have a credit / debit card. i have the money. i want to buy something online, they say its free deliver, its a good deal. but they would only deliver it when i buy it with a credit card :S i was planning to give the money to them when its arrived to my house.

i cant go to the shop, im ill right now. do you know any way?

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6 Responses to “how can i buy something online without a credit card?”

  1. brad said :

    Prepaid visa. You pay the money up front and they put it on the card for you.

  2. designedtolast said :

    Ring a friend/family member, ask them to buy it online for you, then refund them the money when your goods arrive.


  3. latoya_wilkins said :


  4. Doctor Deth said :

    you can’t

  5. GB Fan) I represent serenity said :

    You should see if they accept cash though Paypal

  6. JASMINE M said :

    Unfortunately I don’t think there are many options with regards to buying products online without a credit or debit card. Having said that ,there are some websites who do offer other payment options and accept payment by postal order via snail mail.. This is what I have to do sometimes if I can’t pay by debit or credit card.. Is there anyone who can go to the post office on your behalf while you are ill? a close family member or friend?

    Ive just had a brainwave lol… There is another alternative..maybe you could ask a family member who own a debit or credit card who can make the transaction for you,then all you have to do is give them the cash….


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