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What is the best way to transfer money abroad?

I’d like to send my Gran some money, she lives in Turkey and I’m really not sure how to go about it. Do I put the money on a credit card and send that to her, send her a cheque. How can I put the money directly in her account? I have her acc no but no sort code just the address of the bank. V v confused, help!

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8 Responses to “What is the best way to transfer money abroad?”

  1. Al Inshearah said :

    When abroad, I like to transfer my money to the bartender. That is by far the best way of transfering money abroad

  2. janie said :

    I think that western union is the easiest and safest way to transfer money abroad, directly into an account. They have this service in some travel agents, maybe some banks (?). Our nearest western union is our Going Places travel agent, maybe it will be the same for you?
    You will be charged though, not sure how much.

  3. nandru_22 said :

    western union money transfer is the easiest and safest and most reliable way to transfer the money to your loved ones whereever they are.

  4. milkee said :

    if you want to deposit to her account, you need to know her account number, what specific account name she used and the location of her bank….other option to send her money is door to door express. Its easier and within 24hrs she will received it

  5. Victorf said :

    there are lots of ways but they vary in Risk, don’t send a credit card through the post!

    Companies like Western Union have been transferring money from one place to another for many years and are suitable if you know the person you are sending to. You dont need her account number, you just use her name and address and send her a slip of paper with a password on it so she can get the money from the local western union office (often in good travel agents).

    There are telegraphic transfers between banks which are easy enough but you will need her IBAN (international bank account number).

    The cost for WU transfers is high but they dont need all the details that banks do, in european transfers from the UK it depends on how much you are sending. I think £50 costs you £12 to send , but as you send more it gets cheaper. £2000 costs about £90 i think.

  6. sjok said :

    an international funds transfer from your bank directly into her bank account is probably best.
    you will need her name, address, bank name and address and her IBAN number which will be her account number and branch number combined usually.
    there is usually a charge to do this of approx.£25 but it is quick (3-5 days) and is safe – so long as all the details are correct the money can’t go astray.

  7. tinasilvi said :

    both can open pay pal account add credit card and send and recieve money or western union is also a good option

  8. Aye said :

    If you want to learn her account # she must learn IBAN number that has more numbers, it is like telephone numbers, you should add international and bank(like area) codes before local account numbers. If you get this number you may try to send the money online as swift. Turkish banks allow to send money(Not commercial ones) to other countries online. Ask your bank or look for it when you use your online bank account.


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