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Can anyone recommend a good credit card with good rates and rewards?What do i need to look out for?

I buy all my stuff online with my direct debit card, but realise i should really get a credit card, so that i can also use abroad…I’m 28 and should’ve got one by now! My sister has an m&s one and gets vouchers now and again.

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8 Responses to “Can anyone recommend a good credit card with good rates and rewards?What do i need to look out for?”

  1. fat duncan said :

    You can get a mastercard card through Amazon, which is Halifax based. You also get points for every purchase (double if you buy through Amazon) which are redeemable at Amazon. They send you a gift certificate code which you input when you go through checkout.
    I use mine all the time for internet purchases.

  2. MSAD said :

    Forget about rewards, points and all that kind of garbage. The credit card company is not going to give you something for free. They will give you a higher interest rate in exchange for all that junk.

    The main things you are concerned about are 1. any yearly fees to have the card (avoid) and 2. getting the lowest interest rate possible.

    If you get a credit card – get a master card or a visa. Something that is accepted almost anywhere. Your local bank will offer them and you get offers in the mail.

    Avoid store cards since they have the highest interest rates.

  3. Lyndsey W said :

    Iv heard Virgin do a good credit card but i would have a look on Martin Lewis web page coz he has some good advice on takin out a credit card with good rates

  4. WelshLad said :

    Before getting one, have a read here:

  5. peasticker said :

    Get your visa or mastercard at a credit union. My credit union charges 7.9% with no annual fee for visa & mastercard. I pay 5.9% on my visa account because I have done business with them for a long time. PS I have a large high credit also,, large enough to buy a new auto. you can become a member thjur your job, family, or community. just go online & find out which one you are eligible to join

  6. Ben S said :
  7. Big Brotha Mike said :

    My strategy has always been to just funnel most/all of my normal spending through my credit cards and pay off the balances in full every month. That way I maximize my cash back and other rewards.

    You can use this rewards calculator to see which credit card will pay you the most in rewards for your entered spending profile:

    Some good ones include Blue Cash from American Express (up to 5% cash back in some categories and up to 1.5% cash back in the rest; but tiered at $6500 in year-to-date spending), Capital One No Hassle Miles Ultra for Professionals (2% rewards), and the TrueEarnings card from AmEx (3% at restaurants, 2% at travel, etc.).

  8. nlsk said :

    The type of credit card you will qualify for will depend on your credit score, if any. I don’t know if you have any accounts that are currently being reported to any of the credit bureaus. If you have a decent credit history, I would definitely recommend the Discover Card. It’s especially good for online purchases with up to 20% cash back from popular merchants. In addition, it gives you the option to generate a “temporary account number” to use for online purchases. The rewards are great, I can’t say how satisfied I am with their helpful, friendly, U.S. customer service reps, and the interest rate is decent. (as low as 10.99%) which again will depend on your credit worthiness.

    You will need a good credit score to be approved for this card. I would say at least 700. If you have a limited credit history, I would recommend Capital One as they are good as well.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck!


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