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Which is the best credit card to use abroad?

I am going to India soon, and i want to get a new credit card that will not charge me interest when using it and also if possible not getting charged for withdrawing cash. Can anyone suggest the best one?

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9 Responses to “Which is the best credit card to use abroad?”

  1. fugue.state said :

    someone elses

  2. confused said :

    erm im not sure if they will work abroad like that but Abbey are doing a 0% at the moment

  3. Phantom66 said :

    Have a look on for all the credit card advice you need. Happy holidays!

  4. yesrej said :

    A one you found in the street.

  5. karen b said :

    think you always get charged for withdrawing cash on a credit card, so you’ll be lucky to find one that does that.

    try a google search, or if you’re in uk try the money saving expert website.

    my son took post office cash card to USA last year – paid cash into it and then used it like a debit card when he got there. he also took travellers cheques and a little currency so he didn’t have it all in one place.

    have a good trip!

  6. moviegoer_j said :

    The best deal out there for avoiding foreign exchange fees and also earning rewards are Capital One cards. CapOne cards have 0% foreign exchange fees (typical is 3%).

    I know of one other card that has 0% foreign exchange fees — the BMW Visa. However, it’s 1% rewards are only good toward buying a BMW; so, unless you’re planning on buying a BMW, that’s probably not a good option.

    There are CapOne cards that will pay you up to 1.25% cash back. There’s also the Capital One No Hassle Miles Ultra for Professionals card which can net you nearly 2% rewards if you redeem your earnings on airline tickets that cost $600+ or nearly $350 (has to do with the tiered redemption structure).

    You can use this rewards calculator to see which Capital One card will pay you the most in rewards for your expected spending profile:

  7. gill c said :

    Be careful that which ever card you get you fully understand how it works. very few do not charge interest on cash you withdraw, do not confuse it with 0% on purchases as cash advances on a credit card carry a heaft charge and interest so it should be avoided at all cost.

  8. shhbanvar said :

    probably discover is the best
    you might want to go here to compare them,

  9. Tam said :

    First off, I’m an American, so I don’t know if you can do what I did. I used a Capital One card ( when I went abroad to Europe. I believe it’s the only card in the US that didn’t charge international fees.


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