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What is the best student credit card with long interest free credit?

Hi, i am just starting university and want a credit card. What is the overall best card with a long interest free credit limit?

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5 Responses to “What is the best student credit card with long interest free credit?”

  1. Robert D said :

    Debt. What a way to start a life. Lay off those cards. Get a bank loan if you must.

  2. Antony said :

    Now a days credit card for students is very essential one for every one. We like to keep a card to our wallet and spend money from it when ever needed. In case of emergency credit cards is very important and can lift us from our problems. But if we are stuck with poor credit getting credit card is very much challenging. But there is a good news. There are online banks and lenders who are ready to give instant credit card even to people with bad credit.

  3. debtairraid said :

    Great question!

    Here’s a better question to ask yourself. How can I improve my net worth? Do you realize the power compounding interest has for a person your age? Check out the following link: If you can get a job and set back a mere $40 per week in investments at your age, look at what you have the potential to have when you retire:

    Isn’t that amazing? A simple plan during your college years can make you a millionaire by retirement!

    Good luck!!!!

  4. Stacy-here said :

    A bad credit score used to make it impossible for individuals and families to borrow money for home and car financing. Today, there are several companies which not only give individuals with bad credit unsecured loans but actually cater to people who have extremely low credit scores.

    If you are interested in an unsecured loan there are a number of issues to explore before applying. The first and most important step is knowing how bad your credit score is. The easiest way to get your credit score is to go to a credit agency. However, there are banks and mortgage companies which offer their customers a free yearly credit report – all you have to do is ask.

    The interest rates offered to you can be effected by bad credit scores or no credit at all. There are many websites which offer an instant credit report for a small fee. Another reason to check your credit score is it may not be as bad as you think it is. Often credit ratings are simply misunderstood by individuals.

    In process of receiving your credit score be sure to check your credit report for improper information. Credit reports can be the first indication of credit card fraud or identity theft. Both of which can leave individuals and their families emotionally and financially devastated.

  5. Matt J said :

    There’s a great college website called findcollegecards (google it). I’m only seeing cards that have a 6 month intro rate. I don’t think you’re going to get anything higher than that.


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