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What is the best credit card in the market?

can anyone help me out with this….whats the best low interest rate Credit card available in the market?

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8 Responses to “What is the best credit card in the market?”

  1. james j said :

    it depends how you want to compare them. low APR, best customer service, cashback, prettiest, etc etc.

    Personally I look for the longest interest free period.

    check out for some comparisons.

  2. Danny Boy said : – Martin Lewis offers excellent non-profit driven advice on this and many other money related subjects.

  3. jean l said :

    Well it depends where you are in the world.I do know that Visa’s are usually excepted more places than master card or amex.

  4. iceman said :

    Its different for every person. Each company rates individuals on risk, and different companies many compute people different ways. Shop around and see what the lowest offers you get are.

    Also, if you are a traveler, check into airline reward cards. I have gotten like 3 free tickets over the last 3 years and only spend 50 annual fee.. so that is certainly worth it.

  5. Mommy_of_4 said :

    It depends on what other option that you want besidesa low interest rate so the best thing that I can say to do is just do a search on credit cards and you can compare the different options and rates that will fit your needs.

  6. Moe C said :

    I read the CHASE and Bank Of America are good. Go to BANKRATE.COM because they have alot of information on credit card rates. You can find a credit card depending on your credit history. For excellent credit, BANKRATE recommends CHASE. For good credit, they recommend CITI. And for poor credit, they recommend Orchard Bank Mastercard or First Premier Bank.
    Check it out: http://WWW.BANKRATE.COM

  7. kassy kemp said :

    If the intent is to build up a good credit history, that takes time. Many banks and other lending institutions (Capital One, Chase, Citicorp) issue VISA or MasterCard credit cards with small lines of credit ($300) and watch how you use the card and your payment history. After six months or a year, if you use the card wisely, pay your bills on time and pay more than the minimum, they’ll usually raise your credit line. Expect a higher rate of interest on unpaid balances (19% or more), but, once word gets around to other companies, you’ll get offers in the mail for cards with better interest rates. Be selective. Don’t go for ‘debit’ type cards (ones that require you to deposit money with them and your line of credit is only as high as what you deposit). That’s not a credit card. It’s a debit/ATM card and does nothing for your future credit. Try to favor cards with lower interest rates, rather than ones with higher credit limits.They’ll be easier to control and keep paid down. The whole point of having credit is for expenses you may have that you can’t pay out-of-pocket, like major car repairs or buying that special someone something you can’t really afford. To do that, you have to convince everyone that you’re trustworthy and will pay your bills.
    you can get a best credit card according to your credit at:

  8. traffic814 said :

    Lowest Apr credit card is American Express.
    You might want to go here to compare them


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