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What is the best credit card for people with no credit?

I am 18 years old, I have no credit history. I am looking for a credit card so I can build my cred history. What are the best credit cards for individuals like myself? Thank you!

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4 Responses to “What is the best credit card for people with no credit?”

  1. No Nickname said :

    If you have a checking account, apply for a line of credit through your bank. It’s like a credit card but with lower interest rates. Also, you can try to get something like a Best Buy account. The reason I like them is because they have no interest on their major items. Be careful with credit cards. It’s a slippery slope into debt….

  2. stan c said :

    If you’re employed and have $500 in a saving account, convert it into a secured credit card Make sure they belong to the credit bureau.

  3. Ur Credit said :

    there are a couple of ways you could start building credit, you could get a small personal loan which you might need a cosigner or the best way will be getting a credit cards, you could get a credit card and use it for your every day expenses but make sure you pay in full at the end of the month that way it will show pay in full everytime the credit card company reports to the credit beuros. At the begining you will only be approved for the lower end credit cards but once you build credit in about 6-9 months you should be able to apply for a better card with better benefits such as free miles or cash back. Check out and go under bad or no credit section and you will find a few choices. But if you are a student apply of a student credit card these cards have no annual fees and low rates

  4. Scott M said :

    Check out They have tons of criteria for finding the right card for you.

    If you are having trouble qualifying for a card, see if a friend or family member will co-sign with you. If they have solid credit it will help your cause.

    Lastly, you can “buy” a credit card these days. It’s called a secured card and your neighborhood bank can probably set you up with an account. Basically, you are borrowing against yourself and, therefore, must pay the bank the amount of money you would like as a limit on your card (ie: $300-500 is just fine).

    Make sure they report to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis and voila, you are building credit. Now, just keep your balances low and don’t miss a payment for the next 65 years.


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