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what is the best student credit card out there?

I’m a college student with no credit but I want to get a credit card. What are some of the best credit cards for students? I’m planning to make small purchases and paying them off the next month to build credit. What other ways can I build my credit?

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9 Responses to “what is the best student credit card out there?”

  1. mystacall said :

    the ones you can buy at walmart for cash…can you not see the flower for the thorns on a credit card? if your smart you will get a prepaid credit card and learn to use it. good luck you will need it..

  2. Ashley said :

    do not get capital one, they are jerks. go with a citicard.

  3. John S. said :

    capital one has a couple of credit cards designed for college students who may have limited credit. They are a must have to start building your credit.

  4. TS said :

    If you have a parent that will put you on their credit card and have a card issued in your name, that is the best way to build your credit. You know they will pay their bill on time and they can give you a spending limit.

    But, here is a great link to find student credit cards. Good luck!

  5. Google said :

    You can better try this to get some useful links. It will help you a lot as it helped me.
    All the best…

  6. winter said :

    I will have to say Citibank Platium Select for college students this card has no annual fee plus it has a low interest rate, check out under student cards.

  7. carls812 said :

    I’ve had good luck with the citi card for college students. Every so often they will send you an email where if you get a friend to sign up they will take a small amount off your balance. They also offer rewards and frequent credit reporting so you can receive credit increases over time.

    With that said, PLEASE be careful with a credit card. Only buy what you already have money for. You can pay most balances two days after you purchase something. No need to wait a whole month. You might forget, or be tricked into thinking that it would really be okay to only pay $15 dollars this month.

  8. bluedevilstudent said :

    The best student credit card really depends on your specific circumstances and needs. I recommend that you review several of the top student credit cards and compare them to decide on one that fits your own needs the best. features only student credit cards and is a safe place to start for finding a student credit card.

    To answer the second part of your question, another way to build your credit is to apply for a private student loan with a co-signer. Again, compare offers.

  9. cristiandeidaho said :

    Discover. Discover will give you a limit that is twice of what ANY other bank will give you. They also have the best website out there, to handle your account EASILY online. They also have 5% cash back bonus all year round on different categories every month.


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