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What is the best credit card to get for a college student?

I would like to know which credit card is best since I am a college student. Some people tell me it’s “Capital One” other say that’s the worst since they get unknown charges, others say that the credit card from your bank is better. So which credit card has been best for you guys??? This is my first time getting a credit card (in which I hate them’ cause u get addicted to it) so I have no idea of which 1 to get.

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4 Responses to “What is the best credit card to get for a college student?”

  1. J13891 said :

    Go with Visa. Most everyone in my family uses it and there are no real problems associated with them (to my knowledge).

  2. bydway1 said :

    Don’t get a credit card at all.
    Open a checking account with a bank and get a debit card with a VISA or MASTERCARD logo. You might consider overdraft protection, but then you’ll start paying interest.
    Don’t get a Western Union Prepaid debit MasterCard. They have the worst customer service.

  3. IamIntresting said :

    I would reccommend getting a debit acrd that reports to the credit bureaus.

    The Eufora Credit Builder Mastercard from Bank First is a “loaded value” card.

    You put $ on it and use it like a debit card.

    The beauty is that it helps build your credit and you are charged 0% interest because you are using your own $.

    You also ant get in debt!

    Here is a link to apply:

    Here is a page that you can find dozens of oother student cards to compare:

  4. traffic816 said :

    The best CC is citcard,
    go here to compare credit cards, it really depends on want you want.


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