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What is the best credit card to apply for to rebuild credit?

I have a pretty low credit score (597) and want to begin rebuilding my credit. The score is low from charge offs about 3 years ago. Is there a certain bank or credit card that is easier on people like me that will give me a credit card? And yes–I do plan on paying on time. It would be for small simple purchases that I would otherwise buy with cash and could pay off easily each month.

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6 Responses to “What is the best credit card to apply for to rebuild credit?”

  1. Goonhilda said :

    You know what is probably a lot better than having a credit card for your credit history?

    Having a savings account.

    It indicates that you can put money away regularly. Also, you will pay no interest, but get interest paid to you.

    I got a home loan and I’d never even had a credit card. I had a good savings history and a decent deposit. Lenders want to know whether you will pay the money back, and having a savings account is an indicator that you’re reasonably good with your money.

    If you’ve had bad credit in the past, chances are you might end up paying a higher interest rate on your new card anyway. Why not start saving, wait 12 months, and then get a card?

  2. The Clarity Channel said :


  3. envy said :

    Try HSBC credit cards. Specifically Orchard Bank credit cards specialize f/ people trying to rebuild credit history. Expect low credit limit though more than likely with any credit card company.

  4. el guapo said :

    Orchard Bank

  5. 1 Hr Bookkeeper said :

    All credit cards are the same in the eyes of TRW companies…although regular visas, mastercards, discovers, and american expresses are better for someone then department store cards. Also, you want high balances. Check out the article below to see how your score is determined and what you can do this month to bring it up.

    Also, as far as your charge offs…just dispute them. You can have them taken off in 30 days and bring your score up instantly. Check out the second article to see how step by step.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Abcd said :

    rebuilding credit is hard but there are a few companies that will still take the change, check out and go under the poor or no credit section, here you will be able to compare all major credit cards side by side on rates and rewards. good luck


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