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What is the best credit card to apply for for the first time?

I have years of excellent on-time rental history, however I have no credit because I’ve never been in debt (always pay bills on time) go figure. I was wondering which credit cards I could apply for, for the first time. Wal-Mart Credit card rejected me because I have no credit, and I’m just looking for something small so I can put things on the card and pay them off quickly to establish some sort of credit. Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “What is the best credit card to apply for for the first time?”

  1. auntcookie84 said :

    Capital One is a pretty easy card to get. You may also want to try the PayPal credit card…that one was pretty easy to obtain as well. Both cards will start you out at a $500 limit and will raise it as you establish your good credit standing with them.

  2. mrs.rec1987 said :

    The Best would be capital one. They will approve you. You may have a high int rest rate but it would pay of. Most likely you will get a credit limit of about 500.00 dollars. And every-time you swipe pay them right back so it doesn’t seem like your only paying the lowest payments that you have. Also keep more or almost half the credit on your card, that looks good to whomever you are trying to rent, or own from.

  3. Shashi K said :

    Try to get a credit card from the bank where you have your checking/savings account. They could easily give you a credit card. or go to to find out about banks which offer credit cards.

  4. sam k said :

    i think this is the best one to know about credit cards

  5. gaby said : this site has many options and it is safe.

  6. david a said :

    you might want to go here to compare them, pick one that is right for u

  7. Dave Fukano said :

    sometimes it just feels good though


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