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What is the best credit card for an 18 year old?

I am only getting a credit card so that I can make small purchases and pay them off right away to build my credit. Please do not lecture me on how to use a credit card, I am already fully aware. I just want to know which credit cards have the lowest rates for an eighteen year old with no credit. Thanks in advance!
If you are just going to answer “none’ don’t bother.

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12 Responses to “What is the best credit card for an 18 year old?”

  1. sahel578 said :

    You might check to compare rates

  2. sirginnythethird said :

    I got a capital one card, and I don’t recommend it at all. I have horrible credit now because I haven’t received a bill in three months. I’ve called and tried to confirm the address they were sending it to, and even though it was correct, I’m still not receiving my statements. They have horrible customer service, too.

  3. tom p said :


  4. jennifer_nh72 said :

    NONE…it only brings on debt

  5. dude said :

    There are thousands of them. Get one from your bank.

    You said you know how to use it so why do you care about rates since you said you’ll pay your purchases right away. lol

    *You should use a debit card for all your purchases and a credit one just if you don’t have any other option. That’s how I do it.

  6. jmattiesmufc said :

    As long as you’re responsible and pay off the purchases ASAP you won’t have to worry about interest rates. I’ve had a card for 5 years and the only time I paid interest rates were my first few months before I realized you could pay off your balance more than once per month. Good luck!

  7. heybulldog said :

    You may find one with a low rate going in but, credit card companies can raise your rate for any reason. Just read the fine print.

    Pay as you go and dont worship at the alter of the almighty fico score.

    You have to borrow money and make payments on time to get a high I love debt score. You have to keep borrowing money and making payments on time to keep a high I love debt score. The only thing you get for your trouble is debt.

    Debt free is the way to be!

  8. GTW said :

    check out here you will be able to compare all major credit cards side by side on rates and rewards. GOOD, BAD OR NO CREDIT they have the right card for you.

  9. Cruiser 68 said :

    check out They have tons of information on all different types of credit cards. There are even ones for people who want to establish credit. Good luck.

  10. flasteve said :

    look at for a complete list of differnt cards and find the one that meets your needs.

  11. paulie10182 said :

    check out to see what the providers are after they are some non bank lenders on the panel good luck

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