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What’s the best bank account and credit card/debt card for a person aged under 18?

I’m looking for a good bank company in the UK as I’m a full time student and I need a credit card or debt card. I have looked around but none accept me as they say I need to over 18.

I also have noticed you need to apply to a bank account before you get a credit card?

Barclay’s is what my family uses.

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6 Responses to “What’s the best bank account and credit card/debt card for a person aged under 18?”

  1. Stephanie said :

    I would go for RBS and they offer a root 21 card for anyone under 21 which has worked perfectly for me

  2. Idealist said :

    is there a Chase Bank there…they have some awesome checking and savings stuff for kids/pre adults…excellent customer service and people available to help you in many ways with finances…..

  3. kendra27UK said :

    You cannot have a credit card until your 18 and over, so of course they won’t give you one!

    You can however have a bank account with debit card from age 11+ with some banks.
    Anyone can also have a bank account and cash card!

    Natwest do an adapt account for under 18’s and you can have a debit card with that. student accounts are only given to those 18 and over, because they will be in uni or other education. You may be 16-18 and in full time education but you cannot have a student bank account with credit card because your still under 18. Student bank accounts also typically come with an overdraft and maybe even a cheque book which You cannot have because your under 18.

    I had a natwest bank account from 12, with debit card, and used it when I went to work full time at 16 BUT I was NOT able to get a cheque book, overdraft or credit card until I was 18!
    No point applying to credit card companies or even ANY bank for a crediot card, you won’t get one!

    Apply for an under 18 account, and when you turn 18 (even if that is only 2 months away) THEN you can go into the bank and ask to upgrade!

    Since your family is with barclays I’d suggest you go into a branch and ASK them what they can give to under 18’s! Best bet is to always talk to somone face to face. Good Luck!

  4. Seoconsultant said :

    no, it is not necessary to have a bank account to apply for a credit card.
    you need your parents to refer you to the bank for credit card.

  5. Hoosier G said :

    you can’t have a card on your own if you are not of legal age..under 18 is a minor.

  6. tommydbest said :

    Here’s what you do..

    You open an online bank account. Fill out the information for the debit card and account.

    Now you can borrow money, build credit, pay bills, Manage your money from any where(on a phone)get text alerts every time money goes in or out of your account instantly. Open it then close it or keep it and use it.

    The KEY is you can’t spend money you don’t have so you can’t overdraft your account. There are No Credit Checks, No Employment needed, No bounced Checks, No Minimum Balance, No check Systems Verification, 100% Approval and you can Start Now! Need I say MORE?

    You can also – Pay bills, Transfer Money to family members who have accounts, Get your income tax faster, Receive benefits Checks Faster, So many ways to Save and Mange your money.

    If you have any questions or problems you can contact me

    Here is the Link to sign up, make sure the referral code says – debitnow to receive the Free $10 credit to your Account


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