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What bank charges the cheapest for overdraft fees?

I understand that all banks “lend” you money without asking and then charge you for it. I don’t see why they don’t just deny the transaction, but then I think about the millions they would loose.

How much does your bank charge? Do you know the cheapest?

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2 Responses to “What bank charges the cheapest for overdraft fees?”

  1. Sabrina R said :

    I bank at Washington Mutual and Wellsfargo, Wamu gives me a free overdraft once a year for that occasional oops, after that one they charge a flat $29 for each overdraft. My Wellsfargo account charges $35 per overdraft and $5 for everyday the account is in the negatives. Ive only had it happen once but it was expensive and they wont reverse any of the charges.

    Go with Wamu they are pretty much fee free for everybody. My whole family uses them for mortgage, credit card, checking and savings. I love them and my savings makes 3.75% interest, which is amazing.

  2. sasil85 said :

    Yes they do lend you money and charge you. It usually means you have an overdraft or overdraft protection. There is a limit to the amount they will lend you.

    Just go in and cancel your overdraft limit / protection. Then your debit card will not work when your account hits zero. However if you write checks they will bounce and you will still get a fee and it can hurt your credit score if it happens enough.

    If you don’t write checks just go in and say you want to cancel your overdraft protection / limit.


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