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What does a person need to pay money into my bank account?

If a person wants to pay money into my barclays bank account what infomation do they need?

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16 Responses to “What does a person need to pay money into my bank account?”

  1. linda c said :

    your bank details…your sort code and account number…..

  2. Robert C said :

    Scammers only need your account number and sort code.

  3. teddy said :

    bank account number and sort code. Hope its legit?

  4. DanHants said :

    Sort Code, Account Number and Name..

    They will also need to complete a paying in slip.

  5. ****zpotylruc**** said :

    they will ask your account no… and dont you ever give any other information except for your account no. and you whole name thats it!!!!!

  6. Susan T said :

    Your name, sort code and account number.

  7. miss yellowfish said :

    account number and sort code

  8. Greg H said :

    For a bank account in the United States, they would need your ABA routing number and your accounting number.

    Be aware that criminals can use this same information to steal the money from your account.

    Tell whoever it is to send you a cashier’s check. It’ll take a little longer, but you won’t be getting ripped off, either.

  9. Tootsie said :

    Name, account number, sort code. IBAN number is useful if you are paying to and from banks internationally.

    IBAN numbers are usually on your statement somewhere.

  10. LJ said :

    hiya just like most people said – they only need your sort code, account number and name – i done it for my daughter last week

  11. Tiberiu B said :

    you allready have all the answer.I look myself because is a serious Questions.

  12. Rose said :

    Your bank account number……. but be very careful … the information required to put money into your bank account is the same information required to REMOVE money from your bank account………… don’t want that to happen….. better that you receive the money directly (cash, money order, etc.) and deposit it yourself.

  13. t o said :

    Before you do this you need to ensure that the person in question is trusted. If you have a paying in book, give them that and they will just need to fill in the amount. If not, you will need to give them yuor bank details. Sort code and account number only. They can either fill in a paying in slip (will need to do this if it is a cheque) or just hand cash to the cashier with the details and they can put it straight in and print a receipt. ANyone can pay in for anyone, thats not a problem.

  14. P K said :

    bank account number
    bank address i.e branch address or branch code.

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