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How can you pay money into a British Bank account when abroad?

A friend of mine wants to work in europe & save whilst doing it by putting money into his British bank account…any idea how you can do it?

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6 Responses to “How can you pay money into a British Bank account when abroad?”

  1. KEV D said :

    use western union or paypal

  2. phantomswife309 said :

    the English banks usually have branches abroad,

  3. zebra_stripes01 said :

    western union.

  4. sk76 said :

    Have an account in both countries and use internet banking to transfer money as and when required.
    Hope he has fun!

  5. scallywag said :

    He can ask the foreign bank to pay the money into his British bank but he’ll incurr charges each time. I suggest he saves in a foreign bank account and either transfer a lump sum when he’s coming back into the UK or withdraw the cash if he’s allowed to take the cash out of the country and it is within the limits allowed by the foreign country.

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