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How do you get refunds on ebay from paypal back into your bank account?

My partner has been given a refund on ebay as something he bought is now discontinued, his paypal says that the money has been refunded but we don’t seem to be able to work out how to get this back into his bank account. Any ideas?

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9 Responses to “How do you get refunds on ebay from paypal back into your bank account?”

  1. Zara S said :

    you cant, sorry

  2. Robin B said :

    As you paid using PayPal it will be credited to your Credit Card Account, not your bank account.

  3. sexyleighxx said :

    you cant

  4. jazzyfresh said :

    As long as your paypal is connected to a checking account, you should be able to transfer funds from paypal.

    Hit the withdraw tab and then hit transfer to bank acount.

  5. Nick W said :

    It takes something like 5 working days.

  6. omar gawd said :

    log into your paypal account,click on transfer money.transfer to bank.easy.

  7. Deep Stuff said :

    If you have linked your paypal and ebay accounts all you have to do is go into your paypal account and click the ‘withdraw’ button… its pretty easy to work out from there.

    If you havn’t linked the two then you will not be able to move the money across until you do so.

    Hope this helps 🙂

  8. Stacey Goicoechea said :

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